What is domain authority and how does it affect my Google ranking?

How Domain Authority affects SEO

When it comes to search engine ranking, all pages are not the same. Some websites rank higher than others in the search engine results page (SERP). Those pages that rank on page one of Google are considered stronger than the rest. Domain Authority (DA) is one of the metrics used by Google and other search engines to measure how popular your website is.

What determines a website domain authority?

Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the chances of your site outranking your competitors on search engines. Your DA can rise depending on how much effort you put towards making your site popular. Google shows sites that offer value to users and can be trusted as a source of knowledge.  Google also tends to trust larger and older domains than smaller, newer sites. Popularity is based on the number of inbound links.

If more people are talking about you, your Domain authority will definitely rise up. To increase this metric, people have resorted to backlink building. However, the quality of websites you appear to matter. Though there is no good domain authority, it is advisable to go for authority sites when building links.  You can also invest in on-page SEO to boost your site’s visibility and hence boost your domain strength.

How to find domain authority

You can always check any site’s DA using the free domain authority checkers on the internet. SEOmoz, popularly known as Moz, offers a free Chrome extension to measure your domain authority. Once you install this free DA checker, you can view the authority score of any website you visit by placing your mouse pointer on the MozBar tab on the browser. Other popular Google domain authority checkers are Ahrefs and Majestic.

In conclusion, your DA score affects how your website performs on search engines. It is important to work towards raising it from 1 – 100. Does your site have all it takes to appear on page 1 of Google? Get expert help from urbanacle SEO gurus.

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Long tail keywords are keywords that contain three or more words. One of those words is a head keyword while the rest of the words are either demographic attributes of the target audience or product attributes.

For instance, if you are in the fashion industry, you can have long tail keywords such as; long women dresses, red ceramic necklace, leather belt for teens and cheap Gucci travel bag. These key phrases are more specific than dresses, ceramic necklace, leather belt and Gucci bag.


Last year, there were 966 million active sites globally. If you are starting a new website today, you may take longer to start ranking on Alexa both globally and locally. Good SEO will boost your traffic as well as ranking. So, how do long tail keywords help you?


Long tail keywords are very specific and target only a specific niche. For instance, if you include ‘New York; in your key phrase, you will get more visitors from New York. If you include ‘children’ in your key phrase, you will get more hits from people interested in children stuff. This way, you eliminate irrelevant traffic and go for the right audience.


Since long tail keywords drive targeted traffic, this will automatically lead to higher conversions. Only the people interested in the product you are promoting are likely to find your site on the search engine results page. Therefore, every visit counts. If they do not buy the first time, they will probably buy later. Moreover, if you are promoting other related products, you are likely to sell to the same group. So don’t worry; if they abandon the first product, they might buy a related one.


Long tail keywords have low competition. Most of the established brands have already picked the headwords, and are not interested in long key phrases. If you are selling solar panels in New Jersey, you are likely to be very few. Even if all of you pick the same key phrase, you will still very few. Your page will show up on page one of Google, so you need to find other ways of attracting that click or ranking higher than your competitors.

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This video will help you understand the difference between long tail keywords and short tail keywords.



Quality content is essential for the growth and success of any business. Whether your business is online or offline, you need to tell your customers what it is that you are selling in a way that persuades them to buy and actually use your product. Think about a user manual for electronics. If you do not tell your customers how to use your product, they probably might never ever be able to use it at all. On the other hand, an online entrepreneur needs content all the time in order to both educate the customer as well as generate leads. So, what makes great content?


  • Speaks directly to the customer

Your content should speak directly to the reader. Address them as if you were speaking to them face-to-face. The best way to do this is by using the second person pronouns “you.” This makes the reader feel as if they were reading from a friend.

  • Easy to read and understand

Spare jargon for your professor. Most of your customers are ordinary people who just need to know about your product. This is not a competition for grammar; a simple language and simple sentences will do.

  • Addresses the needs of the customer

You are not the final consumer for your content, and so you need to give your customers a reason to read it. People are likely to frequent your blog or site if you are posting relevant content. Address their needs and give them a reason to keep coming back, or even buy your product. Show them the value attached to your product. Money goes to those who solve problems and add value to the lives of others, not those who ask. Use your content to connect with your customers.

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