How to create your own website for free

How do I create a free website for my business?

Top 10 free website builders that I can use to create a website free of charge

The ability to create a free website enables you to brand yourself or market your brand at no cost at all. It is a great opportunity for small business owners and fresh graduates to market their products and services online for free. No initial financial investment is required at all as long as you are available to build and maintain the website yourself.

WooCommerceThe best way to get a free website is by using free website builders. Wordpress and Blogger are among the most popular free hosting platforms in the market. However, there are other website builders in the market offering different solutions for different users.

The problem with free website builders is that they offer limited functionality and may not be flexible enough to allow you to own your files, customise your website address or generate revenue through online ads. Such websites often have the format  ‘’

According to Website Builder Expert, these are the top 10 free website builders in the market today:

  1. Wix free website builder comes with a drag-and-drop editing tool and hundreds of customizable templates for any type of website.
  2. Weebly website builder also has a drag-and-drop editing tool and customizable templates that you can use to create your online portfolio or free website for your small business.
  3. Strikingly website builder offers flexible designs for basic e-commerce sites and blogs.
  4. Site123 website builder comes with responsive templates and 24/7 live chat support and can be upgraded to support e-commerce.
  5. Jimdo gives you the opportunity to embed videos and contact forms on to your free e-commerce or blog, and also grow your social following through the easy social media integration functionality.
  6. IM Creator has free templates for simple e-commerce and blogging platforms.
  7. WordPress is famous for blogging and comes with free themes and flexible designs that you can change anytime. You can also use its woocommerce tools to build a professional e-commerce store.
  8. Webnode offers simple templates for free blogging and business websites.
  9. is good for first-time websites and comes with integrated membership function, app store and e-commerce features.
  10. Mozello is best for simple multilingual blogs and e-commerce website.

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In order to build your own professional website using free website builders, you need to upgrade to the premium version which gives you the flexibility to come up with a custom website address and more hosting space. You can also hire Urbanacle developers to create you a custom website for you.

This guide will take you through the steps of building your new website the easy way.

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