Why is my website slow?

Slow websites could cause you to lose visitors and eventually customers. One of the reasons for abandoned cart is a slow website. If your website is taking longer than 7 seconds to load, then read on…

Images not properly optimised for web

Images are important on a website as they make it look appealing. Adding an image to a post increases its clickability rate by 94 per cent. And this is pretty understandable. Imagine buying a shirt online based on a description. You need a white cotton shirt. There is a website with such a listing, but no image to show how it looks like! This is why every online business owner needs to invest in good images. However, adding images to your website needs to be done well so as to avoid slow website issues.

Easy ways to optimise images for the web

Large images take a lot of bandwidth to load, and this is why it is important to optimise images before uploading. WordPress has image optimisers such as EWWW image optimiser which is free. You can also optimise for the web using tools such as Photoshop. Another hustle free way to optimise images is by using the online image resizer.

Too many plugins

If you are using WordPress, you certainly need some plugins in order for your website to work efficiently. However, installing too many plugins on your website can slow it down. Using outdated plugins is also said to increase security risks to your website, in addition to conflicting with your scripts. Plugins can also crash and hence affect the website performance.

It is advisable to stick to less than 5 plugins especially if you are on shared hosting. Run regular updates and remove all outdated plugins, as well as test your site speed regularly. Remove or limit the use of plugins that slow down your website such as related posts plugins, jetpack, broken link checker, contact form 7, and Disqus.

Bulky codes

Unnecessary elements on your code make it bulky, slowing down your website. You may be tempted to think that adding page breaks and white spaces on your code will make it neat, but such codes are actually considered unclean!

Clean up your code by removing the unnecessary elements mentioned above. There are various minifying tools that can help you with this.

Hosting issues

When you buy hosting for your websites, there are resources that you are allocated that may affect the performance of your website. If your website visitors are more than the allocated bandwidth, your website could slow down. Do not use shared resources if your website is essential for your business operations. Finally, do not host videos on your server.

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