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How to choose an ideal domain name

Get an ideal domain name for your new website

So you have decided to make a new website? The first step in building a website is getting an appropriate domain name for it. This is the permanent address where visitors who are looking for your products will land. The question that bothers most website owners is; how do I get an ideal domain name?

Two features of a great domain name

When selecting a name for your website, consider the following:

User-friendly domain name

People do not always bookmark the websites they visit, but this does not mean that they won’t come back looking for your site. Making the name short and memorable will make it easier for returning visitors to find your site. There are short names that are hard to remember, such as Kindly reserve such names for the dark web.

If you want web users to remember your site name, make it memorable. Names such as, café.com and are not only memorable but also fun. You can try other popular names, words and phrases, including your brand name.

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SEO friendly domain name

The goal of every website is to attract an audience, even if not the right audience. Whatever your goal is, you want to have some people visit your site regularly. Many people name their websites after their businesses or brand names, which gives them some SEO advantage.

Naming your website after a popular brand name is likely to attract many organic visitors, but what happens if your business name is either unpopular or unavailable? The key to attracting organic traffic in using keywords relevant to your niche. Conduct a simple keyword search and find relevant keywords that you can use or attach to your domain name. In this case, hyphenated names will be useful. Names such as fall here.

Additionally, it is important to note that names that are easy to remember will push direct traffic to your site hence boosting your SEO efforts.

In conclusion, when choosing a name for your website, ensure that it is both user-friendly and SEO friendly. Unable to find an ideal domain name for your new site? We can help.

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