Two effective ways to track email opens

Have you ever found yourself calling again and again to see whether your email got to the recipient? When you send an email especially to a potential employer, prospective client or any other important inquiry, it is important to know whether anybody read it. well, modern technology can help end the anxiety that comes with the inability to track an email. Today, you can tell whether someone has read your email, the exact time they opened it as well as the number of times they read it.

Benefits of tracking emails

Saves you time

Email tracking software helps you to know whether your email has been opened, and from which location. You do not need to keep worrying whether you should send a follow-up email or call to ask whether they received your previous email. You can see when the recipient opens the email and then take necessary action like call them to seal the deal or send another email to help them take action.

Makes your communication efficient

Tracking emails helps you to know the perfect timing to send a follow-up email.

Helps you to focus

If you are running an email marketing campaign, you can see who opened so you can focus on those people. In case of A/B tests, you can tell which kind of messages are appealing to readers.

Here are two most efficient ways to track email opens:

  1. Hubspot Sales. An invisible image pixel is placed on your email to capture the time the email is opened.
  2. Track using email marketing software. Email marketing software such as MailChimp and AWeber can tell you who opened an email, when and whether they clicked the links in your email.

In conclusion, tracking email opens helps make you an effective communicator. You can always track emails sent to friends, business emails to clients and prospective buyers..

Need help in setting up your email tracking software or email marketing campaign?